• The Central Ohio Greenway & Trail Forum Planning Team would like to invite you to attend the next Forum on February 16th, 2006 9:00am-3:00pm at the Battelle Darby Metro Park, Cedar Ridge Lodge.
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  • The EPA’s Big Darby Creek Total Maximum Daily Load Report (TMDL) is now available. The public will have an opportunity to comment on the draft report. The Big Darby Accord will hold a meeting on October 6. A website has been established for the Big Darby Accord project. Maps, technical reports, and other information are available on the site. The website also allows for submission of comments and contact information by anyone interested in the Accord process. A project phone line has also been established at 462-5629 for those who do not have web access.
  • Now available at the Ohio EPA’s website the State of Ohio 208 Plan – Western Franklin County. April 11, 2005. This presentation related to the Big Darby Creek, with the main focus on the western Franklin County portion of the watershed.
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  • The Darby Creek Watershed Inventory is now complete and available for review at http://www.co.union.oh.us/soil-water-conservation/watersheds.htm. For more information on the Darby Creek watershed, see the Ohio EPA’s 2001-2002 Biological and Water Quality Study or contact Benjamin Webb.
  • Darby at the Crossroads – a summary of Ohio EPA’s work and collaboration to protect and restore an important water resource (PDF, 2.2MB)
  • Environmentally Sensitive Development Area External Advisory Group Recommendations, Final Report, November 2004 (PDF, 2MB)
  • Ohio EPA Technical Support Document for the Big Darby Creek watershed (summary [PDF, 1.3MB], full article)
  • Ohio EPA Draft Report Card includes Big Darby summary
  • A Summary by The Nature Conservancy of Some Issues Related to Protection of Big Darby Creek.
  • Outstanding Features of Big Darby Creek
  • Big Darby Creek Watershed References
  • Stormwater Management Strategies and Standards for New Development
  • The Nature Conservancy Designates Big Darby as a “Last Great Place”

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