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“Biological and Water Quality Study of the Big Darby Creek Watershed, 2001/2002.  Logan, Champaign, Union, Madison, Franklin and Pickaway Counties, Ohio” now available.” at A summary in PDF format (1.3MB) is also available.

Ohio EPA Draft Report Card includes Big Darby summary

On January 12, 2004, the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency (Ohio EPA) released its “2004 Integrated Report, Section 303(d) TMDL Priority List for 2004.” This report includes a summary of some of the recent results on sampling and biological diversity in the Big Darby Creek watershed. Called a “draft report card” about the condition of Ohio’s Waters, the Ohio EPA news release can be found here.

Further information about the Big Darby Creek watershed is provided in an excerpt from Appendix D.2 of the Ohio EPA 2004 Integrated Report. Click here for the link to this pdf document. The full document, found at the Ohio EPA, indicates the waters of Ohio which are currently impaired and may require Total Maximum Daily Load (TMDL) development in order to meet water quality standards. Ohio EPA is finishing the Technical Support Document (covering sampling results from 2001 and 2002) and starting the TMDL for the Big Darby Creek watershed in 2004. An excerpt of the Big Darby information from Ohio EPA’s 2004 Integrated Report is found here.

Stormwater Management Strategies and Standards for New Development
The Darby Creek Watershed Stormwater Strategies and Standards for New Development were developed by Fuller, Mossbarger, Scott and May Engineers, Inc. in conjunction with the Center for Watershed Protection and the Darby Watershed Task Force.

The Fishes of Trautman’s Riffle (PDF File)
by Merrill C. Gilfillan
Ohio Conservation Bulletin, May 1963
Photos by Dr. Milton Trautman
Published by the Ohio Department of Natural Resources

Cable Stay Bridge and Other Projects Help Protect Big Darby Creek

Big Darby Creek Watershed Designated a Last Great Place

Pioneer Cemeteries of the Darby Plains

Freshwater Biodiversity

Darby Watershed in the News

December 2004

  • Plan for conservation: Darby Creek area needs rules for safe development before creeks are irreversibly harmed – Columbus Dispatch, 12/16/04
  • Prairie Twp. looks at uses of land near O’Harra Road – This Week, 12/16/04
  • Marysville, schools try to corral property tax receipts.  Plans to tie money to projects has other agencies worried that they’ll miss out – Columbus Dispatch, 12/16/04
  • Study’s picture of sprawl troubling.  Growth could leave central Ohio with $17 billion price tag – Columbus Dispatch, 12/13/04
  • Conservationists upset by loopholes in Darby moratorium. Groups ask mayor to remove authority from utilities chief – Columbus Dispatch, 12/4/04
  • Success on the ground: The Clean Ohio Fund has renewed polluted property, protected undeveloped areas – Columbus Dispatch, 12/4/04
  • City may override building ban again; Developer is seeking seventh exemption to Big Darby moratorium – Columbus Dispatch, 12/2/04

November 2004

  • U.S. 33 committee focuses on land use – ThisWeek, 11/25/04
  • County OKs Big Darby housing ban – Columbus Dispatch, 11/24/04
  • New protections for the Big Darby: Franklin County sets one-year moratorium on construction – Columbus Dispatch, 11/23/04
  • Plain City development: Leaders want to form Alliance – Madison Press, 11/22/04
  • City panel recommends ‘pay as you grow’ fees – Business First, 11/22/04
  • Trustees To Evaluate Land For Public Uses – ThisWeek, 11/18/04
  • Mussel aches: Columbus Zoo lab studying myriad species, repopulating Ohio streams – Columbus Dispatch, 11/9/04

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